John Bowers

From Wed 27 – Sun 31 Oct 2021 CAMEYE produced and directed SPILL TV. Our brief was to create short films that interweave art documentation and documentary. We have been embodying and creating SPILL TV since 2011.

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Sun 31 Oct 2021: R&W Paul Silo, Ipswich Waterfront

Developed specifically for SPILL 2021, MemoryGrinderResonanceMachine explores tangles of social history, mythic speculation and future fantasy.

MemoryGrinderResonanceMachine combines improvised electronic music with film, animation and text. Taking as its starting point the exploration of three sites in Ipswich, MemoryGrinderResonanceMachine works in the tradition of the essay film to gather together personal journals, field recordings, cassettes of old pub gigs, and varied found materials. Memories and histories, ground down to grains, yet resonating here and now, fermenting, offering escape. A machine for that.

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