Whether you are looking to document your work in 360 video or VR, or are looking for a production company to support your own exploration of these exciting new mediums, we have the experience and resources to help you bring your project to life. We’ll seek to perfectly embody your artistic vision using these immersive techniques.

360 video and VR production for the Arts

Having specialised and excelled in the production of high quality video production for the Arts for the last 15 years, it was a natural evolution for us to explore the possibilities that 360 video and VR could bring to our celebrated documentation skills.

There is a level of density that needs to be considered when crafting a successful 360-degree storytelling experience – which is where our reputation for attention to detail serves us well. Our work seeks to truly immerse the viewer in the piece - allowing complete freedom, but at the same time directing attention through subtle rewards, sound or reoccurring visual patterns.

Our moto – Be the work

At the core of our work is the belief that documentation, be it through traditional film or new creative mediums like 360 and VR, is a creative act in itself. It requires an embodied experience of the art works. In the moment, and through improvisation, both visual and physical, we capture the work in its purest form. This is our approach to art and to the documentation of art.

Chameleon-like – we seek to bond with the work we are capturing – our work becoming an extension of the artistic expression.

Engage audiences in evolved ways

Document your work in 360

If you are looking to document your artwork in a manner that is the closest to an audience member being physically present – consider experimenting with 360 video.

Create in 360

We can help if you are interested in exploring the creative opportunities of 360 video, but are daunted by the technology and lack the experience to navigate its conventions.

Create in VR

Looking for something even more immersive, putting the observer in control? Working with specialist partners we can help you bring your artistic vison to life using Virtual Reality.

Get experimental

Through our own experience of 360 video production and through the expertise of our VR production partners we can support artists in experimenting with these exciting mediums.

Looking to utilise 360 video or VR for your performance or event?

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