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cameye manifesto:
embody - capture - create
be ----------- the ---- work

An independent production company that specialises in weaving the performing arts with documentary storytelling. We use broadcast quality cameras in conjunction with consumer cameras, in order to create a fusion of polished 4K film with a more grainy/gritty DIY aesthetic - which we believe best captures the multiple realities of human experience and visual perception.

Our blended professional & DIY approach to documentation allows us to keep exploring the possibilties of documentation as a creative act. We experiment with 'the frame', visual/sonic perception, audience participation, artworks created for camera, 360 degree space, and neuroscience research.... At the core of our practice is experimentation and flexibility, in order to find the best way to capture your art work.

Throughout the years Arts Council England funding has allowed Ana de Matos to explore innovative ways to (re)create works for camera, which require a different approach to works created for physical venues. We continue to research and respond to the potentials of the virtual realm, to create and capture physical artworks that can be seamlessly weaved into a multiple reality setup.

Having worked with hundreds of artists and the UK’s leading arts organisations - we create films, audio-visual content, 360 video and livestreams that inspire and capture the imagination of the viewer through compelling narratives and an experimental approach.

We creatively documented all the performances at the SPILL Festival of Performance from 2011 to 2021 and weaved them with documentary storytelling - watch the SPILL Archive at https://www.spillfestival.com/watch

The services we cover include:

Live Performance Documentation | Exhibition AV Content | Video Art | Branded Content | Live Streaming | Trailers & Promos | Talks & Events | Online & Social Media Video | Documentaries | 360 Video/VR | Drone Filming |

Always evolving to deliver the best

Originally named Chameleoneye Films in 2005, we rebranded to CAMEYE in 2021 to reflect an evolution of our services. The coronavirus pandemic of 2020 acted as a catalyst for us to take our finely-honed skills in exquisitely capturing and documenting the performing arts to the live streaming arena. Investing in the latest cutting-edge streaming technology we sought to provide the artists, venues and festivals we work with, the production values they have come to expect from us – but captured and streamed live. Offering live HD video with broadcast production values - delivered to a global audience on any platform.

Our moto – Be the work

The adoption of the Chameleon as a key element of our brand identity was always a considered choice. At the core of our work is the belief that documentation is a creative act in itself. It requires an embodied experience of the art works, in the moment. Through improvisation, both visual and physical, we capture the work in its purest form. This is our approach to art and to the documentation of art. Chameleon-like – we seek to bond with the work we are capturing – our work becoming an extension of the artistic expression.

It is a philosophy and approach that has seen us produce continual celebrated works for a diverse collection of some of the most respected international artists, venues and festivals.

Our team – embodying the colours of your project

No matter the artistic discipline, as creative practitioners working in the arts for over 15 years - our Eyes, Senses and Body are evolved to perfectly capture artwork and live performance. Our team is an evolving organism made up of highly skilled tech creatives and artists, both part of our core team and skilled freelancers we employ for different projects. We use our technical skills and creative sensibility to produce tailored content that can engage and entertain global audiences.

Our Team

Ana de Matos (Director/Producer + Editor + DOP + Livestreaming)

Ana de Matos (she/they) is a queer filmmaker with a background in anthropology based in London. Her current practice explores the body as a moving sculpture and how the moving sculpture connects with liminal space. Ana has been making films since 2005, she is the founder of CAMEYE and loves to direct the entire production process from the initial seed idea to final client output. As a Kundalini Yogi ande Third Culture Kid, every day is a journey of discovery and playfulness.

Marco Benozzi (Camera + Live streaming)

Marco has been part of our team since 2016. He is a camera person and live streaming specialist. He is very well versed in working with dance and movement, having worked for many years at The Place and other London venues. Marco has recently become a father.

Tom Richards (AV Tech + Sound Designer)

Tom is a brilliant sound artist, DJ and all round AV Tech. Having worked with all top UK arts venues, Tom has an established 20+ years of audio tech production under his belt. An absolute pleasure to have him on the team.

People We've Worked With