Live Streaming

We operate a finely tuned live streaming production service. Our leanly crewed social-distanced approach utilises 3 remote controlled HD cameras along with a portable production unit. Behind the camera, we are experts in capturing the essence of the work of the artists we work with.

Experts in live streaming for the Arts

Having specialised and excelled in the production of high quality video production for the Arts for the last 15 years, the advent of live streaming saw us evolving our business and expertise to apply our celebrated documentation skills to the live streaming arena.

We work with cutting edge NDI technology to create reliable, low latency, and frame accurate HD video with broadcast production values - delivered to a global audience on any platform.

Our moto – Be the work

At the core of our work is the belief that documentation is a creative act in itself. It requires an embodied experience of the art works, in the moment. Through improvisation, both visual and physical, we capture the work in its purest form. This is our approach to art and to the documentation of art.

Chameleon-like – we seek to bond with the work we are capturing – our work becoming an extension of the artistic expression.

Evolved efficient production processes

Small but beautiful

Our new NDI (Network Device Interface) cameras represent unmatched capabilities for transferring video, audio and metadata in real time across standard and wireless ethernet networks. What this means for the artists, venues and festivals we stream, is the highest quality live streamed content delivered to a global audience on any platform.

Socially distanced

The advent of the coronavirus pandemic has forced the industry to evolve or die. Chameleon-like it has always been in our nature to evolve. The two-way communication capabilities of our NDI cameras allow for the control of Pan, Tilt and Zoom, remotely - meaning, if necessary, multiple cameras can be controlled by one control desk which could be up to 50 meters away from the live action.

Highly cost effective

The combination of 3 remote controlled HD cameras, a small on-site crew and a portable production unit make for a highly efficient and cost effective means of delivering broadcast quality streams. Welcome news with arts funding in decline and artists and venues hit hard financially due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Polished output

Behind the cameras is our portable production unit, allowing us to provide amazing polish to your professional production. With our lean crew we can incorporate vision mixing, overlaid graphics, seamless integration of pre-recorded content as well as slides and engagement tools such as slido. Broadcast quality to a global audience on any platform.

Right Place. Right Time

Live streaming has the highest rate of engagement of all content types because it is happening the moment. In addition, research points to online platforms like Facebook and YouTube favouring live content on their searches. We use our extensive knowledge of these channels to help you reach your audience in the right place, at the right time.

Facebook Live

Livestreams go straight onto a timeline. Our editors can create short snippets for social straight after the event.

Instagram Live

Live content has to take into consideration instagram’s vertical format. A format that works well with behind the scenes content and short sponsored content.

Youtube Live

Streaming with high production values can mean a big increase in audience reach, by taking content into search engines and smart screen devices.

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