60 Acts

Wendy Houstoun



From Wed 27 – Sun 31 Oct 2021 CAMEYE produced and directed SPILL TV. Our brief was to create short films that interweave art documentation and documentary. We have been embodying and creating SPILL TV since 2011.

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60 Acts by Wendy Houstoun:

A fast paced, slow motion, free fall through 40 years of personal and political history.

Summoning up world events, discarded dances, unsung heroes and futile gestures 60 ACTS is more stand up than dance around.

In this new work Houstoun casts herself as a spiritual bingo caller summoning up her own ancestral anarchy to celebrate 40 years of treading the boards. It is a declaration of love for theatre and a re-enactment of personal, professional and political collisions. All told by an analogue idiot in digital clothing echoing Twitter’s plaintive cry: “What’s Happening?”

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