Manufacturing Mischief

Pedro Reyes


Serpentine Galleries

Park Nights 2018: Pedro Reyes, Manufacturing Mischief, a puppet-play with Noam Chomsky as protagonist.

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Park Nights 2018: Pedro Reyes, Manufacturing Mischief

On 21 September Pedro Reyes staged an ideological-science-fiction-comedy that addressed the risks of AI, automation and the post-truth infosphere. Manufacturing Mischief is a puppet-play by Pedro Reyes in which the protagonist, Noam Chomsky, finds an antagonist in the toxic individualism of Ayn Rand. Other characters include Elon Musk and Steve Jobs, who are blind to the human costs of their techno-utopias.

Park Nights is the Serpentine’s experimental, interdisciplinary live platform, programmed for the Galleries’ annual architectural commission, the Serpentine Pavilion.

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