Silvia Ziranek


Canary Wharf

This exhibition presents Ziranek’s work through twenty-nine of her performances between 1986 and 2019.

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Displayed in the Lobby of the iconic Cesar Pelli designed One Canada Square, IT IS IS IT documents the works of Silvia Ziranek, one of Britain’s foremost Performance Artists.

This exhibition presents Ziranek’s work through her badges, texts and accessories related to twenty-nine of her performances between 1986 and 2019, together with a sound recording made especially for the exhibition of her voice reading her performative statements.

Shown fifty times their normal ‘button’ size, the badges that accompanied each of Ziranek’s performances are set in a colourful installation, reflecting the startling range of hue used in her works that carry variously descriptive, mysterious, wry and cryptic messages, intended to inform or intrigue. Her original badges are also shown, together with a collection of items from Ziranek’s fascinating archive of outfits, hats, accessories, original artwork for badges, proofs, catalogues, photographs and invitations.

Viewers of the exhibition are invited to use their imagination when reading the apparently abstract statements that accompany the badge images. Written entirely in capital letters, a convention always used by the artist, the statements are forms of poetry and wordplay that become clear when listening to the artist’s intonation and delivery in the voice recordings.

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