NORA invites Deborah Hay



Dance East

NORA invited the American choreographer Deborah Hay to make a new piece for them to perform.

Promo Social

‘I am interested in choreography that does not look like anything and is performed by exceptionally astute and experienced dancers.
Their behavior disorienting, comfortingly spare, right in silence. Gone the predator, no do-gooders around, everything moves, inextricably bound.’ – Deborah Hay 2018

In 2018 Nora commissioned Deborah Hay to make a piece for them. Where Home Is is a trio for three dancers, a trio in which the ‘trio’ is their home. They sing it, dance it, see it and find each other in it.

The evening also includes Playing Audience, which happens after the performance of Where Home Is. The audience is guided through three different frames for watching dance. It is an opportunity to practice seeing movement from alternative perspectives. Where Home Is previewed at Yorkshire Dance, Leeds, on 30 November 2018.

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